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Network Performance Group ’s software applications allow us to monitor the end-to-end performance of networks, servers and applications with a strong focus on relating the performance of business services to the underlying network performance. By integrating fault and performance management capabilities, NPG provides visibility into the real-time performance of revenuegenerating business services. The Network Performance Group’s services provide instant visibility into business processes. Customized web-based client portals provide “delegated” user authority that allows IT managers to distribute responsibilities with ease. NPG's approach is unique in the combination of capabilities and attributes that are critical to effective monitoring of business services.

Key features:

  • Predictive reporting on upcoming problems
  • Integrated with trouble ticketing system
  • Integrated SQL database for storing trend data for several years
  • Smart data aggregation for manageable database sizes without compromising accuracy
  • Powerful correlation between servers, networks and applications
  • Customizable Web interface offers customers ease-of-use and ubiquitous access
  • Setup and discovery tools
  • Instant drill down from real-time status to historical trend and statistics
  • Business Containers

    "Business Container" technology allows NPG to relate your applications and underlying servers or network to a service such as eCommerce, payroll, finance, manufacturing, IP Telephony/VoIP, geographic regions, etc. This unique technology allows you to correlate your business to your IT infrastructure and identify the impact of your IT infrastructure to the delivery of business service to your customers.

    Real-time Reporting

    The power of our software suite lies in its reports and statistical information, ranging from simple top-N tables to complex correlation graphs and trend reports using regression analysis. Our experienced NOC staff, or your staff, can move seamlessly between fault and performance reports. Unlike many Network Monitoring platforms, the real-time reporting engine displays statistics and reports within seconds of your requesting the report. The wealth of information available such as the 95th percentile, the trend analysis (days to threshold), the historical graphs and histograms allow us to make informed decisions about the weaknesses and performance of your IT infrastructure.

    Smart Notification and Alerts

    Our smart notification engine automatically suppresses transient flaps, and prevents alarm floods based on topology and service dependencies. The multi-stage alarm engine provides a comprehensive escalation process allowing us to send notifications based on the amount of time a device has been in warning or critical condition and on time of day and status on repeated polling. NPG can phone, email, page or even run a custom script to restart a process based on the length of time that a device has been in that state. The smart suppression engine uses intelligent algorithms to avoid false suppression of alarms in redundant networks.


    Our software suite employs a plug-in framework which allows our programming staff to interface custom scripts and monitors, enabling notifications, historical data collection and trend reports.

    Application Monitoring

    NPG can discover all relevant metrics for enterprise applications such as Oracle, SQL Server, Exchange, Citrix, Apache, IIS, Weblogic, MySQL, etc. and start reporting on relevant metrics almost right away. Most applications can be monitored using agentless technology, cutting down on the deployment and management costs. Additionally, the URL transaction monitor can simulate end user transactions and highlight the performance of services as experienced by the user.

    Server Monitoring

    NPG’s server monitoring module can monitor Unix, Windows, IBM mainframe systems and report on metrics such as disk utilization, context switches, memory utilization, process or thread count, raid controllers, etc.

    Network Monitoring

    Our software suite supports Cisco, Juniper, 3Com, Nortel, Foundry and other routers as well as firewalls from Netscreen, Fortinet, Cisco or Checkpoint. The network reporting module gives trend and real-time status on line utilization, route flaps, WLAN and other metrics.

    Service Provider Module

    NetVigil SP has lots of powerful features especially for service providers such as SLA reports, multi-user functionality which allows sharing reports with your customers, localized polling and aggregation using smart Data Gathering Engines (DGEs) so that traffic is constrained within a datacenter, API to interface with other OSS products such as Remedy.

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