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With hundreds of system checks available, our engineers can show you new performance metrics.

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Network Performance Group (NPG) will monitor the health and performance of up to 10 Elements on your network and will provide notification services when a particular threshold is hit creating an alarm.
Notification is performed by a predefined escalation rule-set that can be delivered via email, or by phone or short text messaging to your handheld in the event of an outage within your network.

Designed with a the Service Provider in mind by delivering performance, reliability, deep dive detail all at a low monthly recurring cost

 We can monitor and notify the following core elements from the “Outside”:

  • Core Router and Ports
  • Core switch
  • Email Server
  • Web Server
  • Radius Server
  • DNS Server
  • Secondary Router (s)
  • NMS Servers
  • Firewall

Monthly cost is only:     $250.00/mo

One time set up fee:    $1,000.00.

All monitoring detail is delivered by an encrypted Triple DES VPN tunnel over the Internet supported by a low cost Cisco 800 series router.

CoreWatch Plus
Gives you all of the above plus ProActive Management on up to two core routers/elements.
Management includes all of the features and benefits of both NPG Reporting and Notification.  In addition, NPG will assume complete ownership of problem resolution and service restoration.

Your WISP, ISP NGN or Hosting business depends on having a reliable network, which means being proactive in maintaining your IT infrastructure.  NPG provides a 24x7x365 watch over your critical IT resources.  NPG Management employs sophisticated automated technologies that monitor activities and provide real-time alert notification of circumstances warranting proactive attention and intervention. Intelligent algorithms speed the time to fault isolation.  Our NOC is able to begin working immediately to prevent or minimize costly downtime. Our web-based interface provides easy access to view the status of trouble-tickets from inception to resolution.

NPG Management ensures peak network availability and performance.  The NOC can identify problems and initiate action before failure because we monitor network health at all levels.  With NPG Management, we own issue resolution – whatever the cause, whatever the time.

  • CoreWatch Plus Monthly                                                                 $   500.00
  • One time Set Up and Integration                                                   $1,000.00
  • Optional Network Assessment & Documentation                     $7,500.00
    to groom and optimize your network

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