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See our tools in action and explore their relevancy to your network with our network engineers.

With hundreds of system checks available, our engineers can show you new performance metrics.

About NPG


Best Practices
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Best Practices

NPG supports your network with best of class software, a distributed environment to serve the Network Visibility Engine, trouble ticketing engine, and professional, experienced engineers.

Beyond technology, our team places a premium on ongoing training, because what happens after an alarm is triggered is most important to you. Our NOC engineers understand the urgency of their task to notify your network operators of an alarm event and to provide time critical information regarding what they can see.

To assure the best possible experience for our clients, our tenured team is constantly evaluating and refining best practices that include:

  • Bench Marking
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Knowledge Documentation
  • Knowledge Organization
  • Process Documentation
  • Service Measurements
  • Performance Measurements

These processes are in place so that at any hour of the day or night, we provide a consistent solution that provides you with a value and insight. Our ongoing commitment to applying Best Practices assures you quick notification times supported with knowledge based resolution from an empowered team.

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